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Introducing Donavan's fillies.

donavan's Fillies

Donavan's fillies are  pretty and personable, and are often smaller than their male counterparts...with a few exceptions. They go on to  careers and motherhood.   Here are some , not in any particular order. click here for  photos of adorable foals

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DeBonne Grace
"Gracie" 2005 filly out of EM Bevolina (Brentano II), bred by Riverland Farm; born March 27, 2005; Easter Sunday; a darling! (Niece of Brentina; Olympic mount of Debbie McDonald.) Filly SOLD to Addie Crymes, from Georgia.
2006 filly, full sister to DeBonne Grace out of EM Bevolina. Bred and owned by Riverland Farm, born April 27, 2006. Lovely like sister Gracie above. Her legs are long and conformation perfect. These are exceptional bloodlines, the promise of performance and broodmare possibility huge in this filly
Doha Day
2003 Han. filly; out of Ona Rainy Day, (Remy) bred by Riverland Farm. AHS approved TB; top filly at her inspection; June 2005, First place Silverwood Dressage, two year old fillies. Full sister to Duesenjaeger; dark bay, 3 white socks , star; German judges "quality similar to those that go to the Elite Auctions. Light and airy, very good hock action, uphill movement, will be a good riding horse. Sold to Kristi Fleck, Iowa
Devotee filly
DOB 2002 and Happy Owners Scarlet and Beth Lloyd, WI; out of Teerose; MMB Hanoverian mare; getting ready for a jumping career. WI (Now known as Lula.) Bred by Wendy Costello (Riverland Farm).
Delicious Dot
aka Dilly, June, 2002, filly; out of ISR TB mare; Bred by Jill Costello, going beautifully under saddle, and loves to jump too. Dressage or Hunter.
2004 Premium Oldenburg Filly, bred and owned by Trish Phippen. Growing up Lovely!
Deja's Legacy
aka "Lacy", Oldenburg filly, owned by Jackie Ege, Florida; out of Sweet Princess; ISR/Oldenburg approved.
Damla Benz
'96, "Isis", Hanoverian, out of approved AHS TB mare that was named top Non Hanoverian at her inspection; Isis is now eventing and jumping. Bred and owned by Sue Reifenrath, WI. Also Breed show champion mare with 80%-iles from Hilda Gurney.
1996 filly, bred and owned by Lori O'Brien, out of Tiffany Starlite, Oldenburg approved TB mare. Donielle was a a premium foal (8.0) and third in the foal championships behind Dominique, also by Donavan, reserve champion.
Daytona Sunrise
bred by Tish Ebbott, (see above) going nicely under saddle, WI. To new owners in 2006.


Filly by Donavan out of a Shagya Arabian mare, Bellatrix, owned by Elizabeth Stroemer, WI.

Born in 2005, and  loved by the inspectors at the AHS inspection that also approved  the Dam. It isn't as usual for an Arabian mare to be approved by the  AHS, however this marewas exceptional, and the foal was from "just the right cross. "

More lovely photos from Liz will be on the Foals of 2005 page.

Dolce Vita
2004 filly, Oldenburg NA, aka Prada, bred/owned by Emily Neuman, WI; out of approved TB mare.
Update: Emilyhas had a baby, andmust sell her lovely filly. At one year, "she dances on water when she trots".. Emily is taking her to shows to get used to it! see the Sale page for details.
GOV mare, bred/owned by Dee Butler, VA; "The horse I have waited my whole life for." Dam of 2003
Prem. GOV filly named Fein Dancer, (FeinBrand), Champion weanling. A Donavan Granddaughter. Deeis our self proclaimed "East Coast cheerleader!" Dee has bred a mare to Donavan in 2005. Result a gorgeous sister. Donnachie was born in 2006! Premium Filly aka Faith
filly out of TB/Draft cross; bred and owned by Julie Aper; Julie reported that her filly out of her mare "Chase the Music" is "very tall, and very friendly! You can see what a beautiful head and shoulder she has, not to mention the gorgeous color! She is doing great and growing like a weed. My farrier cannot believe what a good girl she is for trimming. She is just lovely!
2001, Lovely buckskin filly out of a Palomino Appendix Qtr. Horse, approved ISR/OldenburgNA. Bred and owned by Sue Jensen.
Dopple Dopple
Hanoverian filly, bred and owned by Kirsten Kaiser, Canada, out of Hanoverian mare. ( keeping this one!)
June 2005- just heard, now under saddle and so smooth and quiet! photo finally, 2009, Dopple is the mare (gray) with her foal!
a filly born May, 2004, out of Fenella, Catherine Powell's lovely gray Oldenburg mare, at Bryn dar Farm in Dale, Texas. Catherine reports , "Dara is gorgeous", very dark, huge, with a diamond star, a strip and one white hind." Dara did turn gray but Cat is very happy!

1997, mare, Oldenburg NA; out of English TB; bred and owned by Chris Hamilton, Champion or reserve ages 5 months to 4 years, at Breed Shows in the Atlanta Area. Excels at jumping and can go Hunters too..as well as schooling Dressage. 16hh+, sensitive and sweet.. Spent 2004-05 winning in jumping shows with Junior and teen riders, sold and going on to mini-Prixs and then Grand Prix jumper ring!! Talented mare! (now in Chicago area)

No Photo Available
filly, DOB April 24, 2003 owned by Terese Mulhausen of Swisher, Iowa. The dam, Wyndtree's Promise, is a Thoroughbred approved by the Belgian Warmblood registry. She reports that everyone around her declared this the best warmblood foal they have seen! Wyndtree's Promise, aka Jasmine, was bred back to Donavan. Desilu is a bay (what else!) with four white socks and a star - and a beautiful neck! Wow!
Oldenburg filly, 2001, bred/owned by Judy Shewmake of Filitosa Farm, Stevens Pt. WI, Training in jump and Dressage. Showing talent for Hunters. (out of approved TB) May, 2005 Sold to Janai Canada , NY. Went to Devon, 2005.
2000 filly, out of Trakehner /cross, bred and owned by Debbie Covington, IL. Bay, 16hh. Her owner states: "D'Bronte' has a wonderful presence with beautiful expression and a very kind eye. Her gaits are very nice with a balance and ease, and long elastic strides. Her temperament is wonderful. She is always eager, very quick to learn. She has been very uncomplicated. Donavan should be very proud of her I know I am. "
Donavan's Darling
Oldenburg filly, aka Lilly; 1997; out of Holsteiner/TB mare, Calisto Girl; bred by Chris Rush, Fox Hollow Farm, IL. 16.2hh, Very cute, great temperament, under saddle, and returning to training in 2006. Owned by Wendy Costello
1996 filly (rt) shown with Donielle (see previously in list) Bred by Sue Jackson, out of AQHA mare, Nick O'Gray; Oldenburg Premium foal score, 8.5; Reserve Ch. at Midwest Foal Championship; eventually turned gray. Super sweet temperament, 3 good gaits. Dominique is now with Jill Costello in Texas, being bred to Rapture R Hanoverian and Oldenburg approved stallion in 2006.
'03 Oldenburg, bred and owned by Rebecca Meana, out of a lovely black Trakehner mare, Pantera. This was a breeding won by donating to an auction after 9-11 that we started with the Wisconsin Equine Clinic. "A Dream Come True" for Rebecca graduating from college. "She is just gorgeous and is so laid back. For being the youngest she really is the most quiet horse in the barn... I know she is going to be such an athlete..."
2005 Filly,GOV, Bred by Lisa Dworkin, Florida. Out of Zejaluna, ATA mare who has won many honors. Lisa has told us of this filly's wonderful temperament! "She is going to Devon". Quote upon birth: "she is TOO cute, TONS of chrome! SUCH A KICK BUTT personality!! OH MY GOD all foals & all owners should have such a wonderful disposition!" Sold to Shari Pasquale. Shown to many awards in 2007.
Durham's Destiny
2005 Filly bred and owned by Carol Burdon, California. "Her name is Durham's Destiny (Deedee). My husband is English and one of our favorite English towns is Durham, England. SHE'S WONDERFUL She's very pretty and has beautiful movement."
No Photo Available
2005 Filly bred and owned by Jan Juranitch of Oconomowoc WI. have seen this filly in person and she is very nice, just darling!
2005 Filly, born on Mother's Day, (May) out of Oldenburg (GOV) mare, "Greetings", owned by Edda Thors, WI. Mare, top non Hanoverian at her AHS inspection. Mare may be offered for sale.
2005 Han. Filly, "Beautiful 'honey' bay", out of a St. Pr. Mare, bred by Polly Schmid, in VT, now owned by Adria Diel in New York. White blaze, very tall and strong."This one we may show!"
2005 filly out of a Pinto TB/Percheron mare, Tonka. Born May 23, looks bay with 2 white hind socks and a star and bit of white on tail, not a Pinto..however owner Kathy Dvoran reports she is very loving and sleeps with her head on her lap! Vet says legs are very straight and filly very healthy! Already comes when called! Donavan is a very prepotent sire!
1998 mare, out of TB, owned by Gypsy Woods Farms, Ohio. Going very well under saddle at First level, having a wonderful canter! Sold to a very happy new owner, Linda Exline.
(Dulci): 2005 filly, bred/owned by Nancy Sielaff, WI; tall and lovely, out of a Westphalen mare, Nicki, who is out of Alexa, same Han. Dam as Bianna Riverland Farm's young mare.. Alexa came over from Germany with Donavan. Can't wait to see this young lady in person.
Update: 8/2/05: Nicki approved AHS, so Dulci is Hanoverian!!
aka Loana : 2005 filly, Jennifer Easterlund of MN has a new filly, last of the season, and inseminated with frozen semen.! Loana is a a darling. Dam is a TB mare. See larger photos on the Foals of 2005 page.
2006 filly; Bred and owned by Chris De Rama, Dekalb Il. First of the season, Bay of course, with a Donavan snip! Out of approved TB mare.
2006 filly; bred by Marcy and Rick Gravett, WI; out of GOV approved mare; star and 2 hind coronets. Sadly was injured and had to be put to sleep. .dancing with the angels!
April 23, 2006, filly, out of AHS approved half Dutch mare Atlanta by Aktion. ( World Cup and Olympic competitor.) Full sister to D'Aktion. Looking bay, will go gray..but brother, D'Aktion) is bay! Very modern and feminine..light and airy movement.
2006 filly, bred and owned by Bhritta O'Neill of Montana. She is out of Hobbit, a former Hunter/ Jumper. "A puppy dog" says Bhritta, follows her everywhere. White socks, Bay..just a dear filly. aka Annah.
aka Faith 2006 Premium filly out of an approved (GOV) TB mare, Sukeyama. Bred and owned by Dee Butler, also owner/breeder of Donnica by Donavan, who is now preparing for Dressage competition. Not for Sale!
2006 bred by Dan Petersen of Panache acres, out of his Percheron/TB mare, Scarlett. She is a lovely dark bay, with one hind sock.
A lovely 2006 filly bred by Hazel Clinton, in Texas. Hazel also bred a colt, Dickens by Donavan previously.


2008 filly out of approved TB mare, bred by JIll Costello, purchased as a weanling by Carolyn English in  Little Rock Arkansas. Flashy bay , with 4 socks and star!  Plans are she will jump and learn some Dressage!



Duchesse: 2007 filly by Donavan out of Caviar;  Highly praised by  Inspection judges" Why go to Germany when you can find a filly  like this one here in the US"! Bred by Wendy  Costello. ( then of Riverland Farm)