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Introducing Donavan's colts.

Donavan's Colts

On this page are a good many of Donavan's sons. They are in no particular order. They are  always handsome,usually bay and very often have Donavan's 3 socks and a star or snip, or both!  They are  mild mannered, easy to handle and train. Some reach near 17hh , but not all. Donavan never throws Chestnut foals. For photo gallery of cute foals click here

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Above, a jumping Dexter, Duesenjaeger, very successful Dressage star, and Davy Crockett at KY Horse Park.

2005 colt owned by Hazel Clinton, Texas; born March 29 at 2:30 a.m. Hazel reports a dark colt, with 4 socks and a star, absolutely gorgeous! "Something special!" said Hazel. Hazel bred her mare for aother Donavan foal in 2006. She had a lovely filly, Deitrich!
Delta Don
1999, gelding bred by Andrea Gates, MN; aka Donovan (note different spelling) out of Teerose (Tanzenlicht) MMB the top Hanoverian mare at her inspection. This Donovan is owned by Sarah Scheiring in PA, competing and winning Hunter A circuit.
2004 gelding By Donavan, out of Atlanta, half Dutch mare by Aktion, World Cup and Olympic Competitor; approved AHS, RPSI, and ISR/OldenburgNA. "He is an FEI Prospect for sure" - JJ Tate, Grand Prix rider and trainer. Bred and Owned by Riverland Farm, Donavan's owners.
3/31/2007 colt, by Donavan, out of April Moon, Trak/Arab, "AWB". "I think “Baby D” is practically perfect and I couldn’t be more thrilled with him!" declares breeder, Sandra Ham Stadler. We agree. Davante means "beloved".
Donnacha, 7/4/ 2005, Han. out of 16.2hh AHS approved TB mare, Eve of Victory, top non-Hanoverian at her AHS inspection. Bred by Riverland Farm, (now KIS) foal and dam owned by Jill Costello Kilmartin until sold. Handsome, strong, dark..2 hind socks, so like his Sire.
Drachen Herz
'99 stallion, bred and ownd by Margaret Goodell, multiple champion in-hand; now showing under saddle Dressage and jumping. #3 out of 19 at his 100 Day Test to become fully approved AND licensed for breeding (LIFETIME) by the Oldenburg NA, RPSI and PHR.
'99 gelding, full sibling to Doha Day, top filly at her inspection, out of TB mare, Ona Rainy Day; bred and owned by Wendy Costello of Riverland Farm; began Dressage career in the 70%-iles at Training and First level, after showing very well in hand as a 2 year old. 2005, Year End IDCTA Fourth Place at First Level, 69.9% average! and WDCTA Champion Maiden at First level, at over 70 %.
Davy Crockett
2003 colt by Donavan out of Winpenny(Weltbekannt). He won earned Reserve Champion at his first Breed show to qualify as a yearling for the championships at Lamplight for Region 2. At 3 he is under saddle and going very well! At 4 he is Champion at Training Level at Region 1 Finals, with the High Point of Show 77%. We call him Donavan's clone. Sold to Jayne Nessif at 3, and continues in training/showing successfully in Dressage with JJ Tate and his owner in MD.
2001 gelding out of a Canadian Sport Horse Mare, bred by David and Maureen Lowrey of Canada, successful at Royal Winter Fair; sold to Anita Houtsma in IL; preparing for an eventing career. Now has a brother by Donavan, Domingo, see below. Donativo sold in 2008 to very pleased family for son and daughter to campaign. Hunters.
1999, gelding. Bred by Carrie Nilles. Oldenburg, out of approved TB mare, Winterset; Now in MN, owned by Anna Scheuler, under saddle. Donner went on to compete and win with Anna, year end awards.
aka "Foolish Games", colt out of Percheron/TB Mare; owned/ridden by Sarah White, WI; Winner of the 2001 HITS Adult Jumpers Winter Circuit championship in Ocala FL.Winner 2000 Pingree Oaks Jumper Classic at Indian Hills; Winner 2000 Illusion Farms Jumper Classic. Reserve Ch. of the Northern Illinois Jumper Association (NIHJA) for combined jumpers.
2000, gelding out of Teerose, MMB Han. bred by Andrea Gates, MN; owned by Deidre Vergeer, Racine WI; under saddle, plans for competition. Deidre reports he is now 17hh. He is full brother to Delta Don and to Devotee. Deidre and Drifter have reported success at his first shows! She is thrilled! The big boy drew much praise from judges.
2004 colt, bred by Linda Bland, IL; out of Oldenburg mare, Bedazzled; full brother to Dartanyon, 2003.
Deo Gratias
2004, Han. colt bred/owned by Heather Schulte of Jubilee Farms; out of AHS approved TB mare, under saddle in 2008.
2004, Oldenburg NA colt, bred/owned by Kathy Cook, WI, This very "Donavan" handsome colt, in 2006, sold to Jennifer Selvik, and is living on 110 acres, lucky colt!
'99 gelding, bred/owned by Tish Ebbott, Sugar Creek Valley Farm, WI . (photo at 3 years.) Going nicely under saddle. Is Sire to 2 offspring prior to gelding.
2003 colt, Oldenburg, out of Bedazzled, bred/owned by Linda Bland, IL; Linda rebred for a 2004 colt.
Deja Vu
2002 colt, aka DJ, out of Sammy R. (aka Justine) approved TB mare, bred and owned by Brenda Schulte, WI. DJ has taken several ribbons in breed shows and soon will be under saddle. Sammie R. (also the dam of Ducati) , is now (2005) in Texas with Jill Costello, getting ready to be bred again to Donavan.

6/05 Update: DJ is very tall, and so quiet he can be ridden with a halter and rope around the farm! Possibly for sale.

aka Donnaro, Canadian Sport Horse, colt, bred and owned by the Lowrey's of Canada, brother to Donativo. Getting ready to show in 2005, perhaps at the Royal Winter Fair.

Oldenburg colt, 7.9 at inspection; 2004; out of approved TB mare; (bred by Kathy Cook), now owned by Liz Stroemer who has bred her lovely Shagya Arabian mare to Donavan for a 2005 foal.
Hanoverian colt bred and owned by Valerie Ahl, out of Winpenny, (Weltbekannt); Penny is also the dam of Riverland Farm's stallion prospect, Davy Crockett. She gave birth to another super colt, hard choice for Valerie, to keep one and sell the other, full sibling from this terrific cross, see Digby! Divine, full brother, now in 2005 owned by Andrea Zabka. ( now MItchell)
1997 Premium Oldenburg colt, bred by Sue Jackson, then sold to Judy Shewmake of Filitosa Farm. Now owned by ____?
1996 colt, Out of: My Fair Lady (registered ISR Hanoverian) owned and shown Adult Amateur, by Carole Allgauer; Wadsworth, IL showing in Dressage, USDF Year End Award Winner, 2002 ISR/USDF All Breed First Place at 1st Level. Dooley is now a very handsome horse, seen in Florida training in 2003; we hope to get another photo!
Originally named Diarmid. 2005 Hanoverian colt out of Winteroza (Winterprinz); bred by Valerie Ahl; born April 19. Winteroza. aka "Rosie" was born at Riverland Farm, see her on the Mares page about her Dam Teerose. Owned by Bobbie McDonald, trainer for Val Ahl. additional photos Bobbie is "thrilled" with this handsome fellow!
Dominic VT
aka Phineas. 2005 colt,Bay with rt. fore and 2 hind socks(like Dad) and a star,snip, born May 22, Virginia Tech Equine program. They are thrilled." He's simply smashing, with outstanding gaits matched only by his outstanding temperament! We're certainly looking forward to showing him off at our inspection in September."
2005 colt, owned by Lydia Kelly, Freehold Equine, Canada.Handsome Canadian Sport Horse colt. Lydia reports a wonderful temperament and movement, may stay a colt.
2005 Hanoverian colt, out of Winpenny, owned by Valerie Ahl. Joins his brothers Drizzle, (out of Winteroza) and full brother Divine.. Valerie, "tall and handsome..Stallion???" update: Val kept this one and sold Divine. Many nice remarks about him were made at the AHS inspection.
aka Donnie, 2004, out of an approved TB, 3 white socks, a star and snip.."the recipe"; owned and bred by Joy Snyder of Illinois, who reports what a wonderful mover and sweet tempered colt he is. See photos on the Foals of 2005 page. He is very handsome! Sold to very excited family. Read about this.
Don Noir
Premium Oldenburg, 2006 colt, out of Premium Oldenburg mare, Caviar by Cor Noir (Cor de la Bryere). Bred by Riverland Farm. TOP FOAL AT INSPECTION! 8.2 Donny was sold in utero to Terry Blair of Georgia. He will be a tall and talented boy. He is also very handsome with 4 white socks, star and snip..Bay ! He displays all of the airs above ground out in his pasture! Caviar had a sister for Don Noir in 2007..Duchesse. She scored evenhigher, 8.4!
no photo yet available
2006 colt: bred and owned by Dr. Pattie Barnes of Georgia. A photo is promised..He is out of Piroska, an Oldenburg mare. "Just a lovely boy"
D 'Art
2007, owned and bred by Joy Snyder, Marengo, IL. one of 3 colts born to her mares in 2007! All by Donavan and all very nice boys!! Purchased in utero with his dam, Affiniti from Marcy Gravett.
2007, bred and owned by Joy Snyder.
2007, bred and owned by Joy Snyder, 2007. Joins his 2 lovely brothers above.
2007, bred and owned by Suzannah Epperson. This is a flashy colt. She says: Please tell Donavan that his son misses him very much. Zizi (Anhazizi-dam) also wants you to tell him that she's TIRED of raising this rug rat by herself!! She wants cash! May be paid in carrots - we will send an invoice. ;)

Seriously - just wanted to send a couple of photos. This is Anhazizi and 'Devon' at 4 months. I am getting him registered right now, as Devonshire. Thank goodness, he seems to have Donavan's disposition - very quiet and quick learner. As you can imagine, I'm totally smitten and will never ever sell him. (Famous last words).
No Photo Available
April, 6, 2007. bred and owned by Terry Blair, GA. Out of Han X mare, Exact-Leigh. She also owns the wonderful colt, Don Noir born at Riverland and purchased in utero, 2006. Daniel is Bay, 2 white socks, "so handsome (her words) and "whoa" Donavan movement!". For sale. call Wendy for Terry Blair phone number.


Bred and owned by Adele Martin of Spicewood, TX. "Donny is the most adorable amazing colt ever. He is absolutely beautiful and very talented. He's very bold and outgoing, but very smart and willing to learn. He loves attention and he loves learning new things. " read her complete letter on the "Letters" page. (under News).


" Definite Class (NIcholas")

2009 colt by Brass Is Class, RhPSI approved mare owned by Leslie Persans, of Delaware. He will be gray like his dam. Shown here at 10 days old. IN 2010 offered for sale, see him onthe Sales page.



2008 colt ; Bred by Jill Costello, out of a Banter mare. Dalton is a handsome very dark bay with a lovely  star strip, snip and two socks. His Dam was gentle and sweet and so is he! Showing  talent  for whatever you want to do.

Very hard to keep up with the new  colts: Democracy KIS , born in 2011: see news  page!!

Very highly praised  "Modern"! Great type!